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About Etisalat Digital

Accelerating digital transformation to lead in the “new normal”


Collaborate efficiently

Remote work requires secure communication platforms to ensure employees can collaborate and maintain productivity. Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) and virtual meeting rooms have become a pre-requisite for doing business remotely. Secure Unified Communication meets an organization’s need of fixed & mobile voice communication, messaging and video conferencing across all devices through an integrated affordable platform.

Scale to the Cloud

The need to dynamically adapt to fluctuating market demand makes the move to the Cloud now more crucial than ever. The Cloud pay-as-you-go business model provides this required flexibility and scalability. Moreover, elastic computing gives you the ability to quickly expand or decrease Cloud resources to meet changing demands without worrying about capacity planning and engineering for peak usage.

Secure all digital presence

Distributed workforces and ever-expanding digital footprints have led to increased attack surfaces. It’s extremely critical to create a unified and scalable Cybersecurity framework, that ensures resilience across hybrid environments. Organizations need to reassess, review and revamp their security layout. In addition to effectively monitoring and maintaining the security posture with advanced support and security operations services, organizations need to protect communications and access channels through Cloud-based security services, safeguard the web experience, email communications and access to Cloud applications.

Comply to safety standards

The need to comply with new health and safety standards is increasing the complexity of day-to-day business operations. Leveraging advanced AI, IoT & Big Data analytics automates these critical processes for more control and effectiveness. Video Analytics applications can detect facemask usage, record attendance as well as scan visitors for high fever enabling seamless, compliant, integrated access control and management. Proximity Alert and Contact Tracing (PACT) Bluetooth wearables provide detailed information on staff wellbeing while at work along with contact history and social distancing compliance.

Industry Specific Platforms


Digital Healthcare

Balancing between healthcare providers need to prioritize critical treatment to those affected by the pandemic, while providing required care to other patients can be achieved using Tele-health solutions. Cloud based Tele-health platforms integrate essential functions such as secure video/audio/chat over IP to support the entire workflow from patient registration, appointment booking, payment collection and remote medical consultation.

Digital Retail & E-commerce

As retailers strive to rebuild customers and staff’s confidence with their physical spaces, they need to comply with safety guidelines while maintaining operational efficiency. Thermal monitoring, crowd management and disinfection are among the core priorities. Our AI and Robotics based solutions support fast track recovery and provide a safer retail environment. For retailers also seeking to accelerate their digital transformation and adopt an omni-channel approach, smart solutions such as CCTV with AI, messaging platform, digital signage, e-commerce, and contactless payment offer a beyond than new normal customer experience.

Digital Education

The need for social distancing mandates a shift from traditional physical education and training setups to a digital format. Integrated digital education platforms provide the full range of functions required to conduct any course or class including online content delivery, remote assessments as well as daily collaboration and communication. Secure device management ensures efficiency and consistency as it encompasses configuring and updating settings, monitoring compliance, and remotely wiping or locking devices.

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