Create a plateau using infused state-of-the-art digital marketing capabilities with smart insights to achieve frictionless and borderless engagement with your customers.

Digital Marketing Solutions


Digital Signage

Attract and engage your customers with our state-of-the-art solutions for indoor and outdoor digital marketing screens and displays. We offer an end-to-end managed solution from a single platform with access to real-time information and the right content for advertisement, entertainment and brand building.
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Smart Messaging

Reach your customers using our fast, secure and easy messaging solutions. Our portals and APIs empower you to use SMS for mobile advertising and interactive two-way campaigns and business transaction and email alerts. We offer the next generation mobile messaging solution that integrates with your ERP solutions.

Digital Channels

We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions to enable your customer journey and to provide them with a seamless experience. From digital signage to apps, Wi-Fi analytics, content and much more, we will have a channel to fit your needs. All our channels are API-enabled and hosted on Etisalat’s Cloud.

Big Data


Etisalat Smart Insights

Unlock the value of real-time information and make better business decisions with our cutting-edge analytics for customer profiling, footfall analysis and demographic analysis.

Digital Payments Solutions


Payment Processing & Card Acceptance

Process your transactions through a cost-effective and secure payment platform directly integrated with the top acquiring banks and financial institutions in the UAE.

Payment Channels

Enable new payment channels with our mobile POS ‘Mobile Cashier’, Managed Self-service Payment Kiosks and Managed Point of Sale solutions to increase your market reach and improve customers' experience.

Innovative Payment Solutions

Benefit from the most secure and flexible payment solutions in the region with the use of advanced technologies such as blockchain, biometrics, digital wallets, tokenisation and more.

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