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Etisalat Digital Webinar Series 2020

hosted by Noora Albastaki - Business Strategy Manager

Accelerating digital transformation to lead in the “new normal”

In this pandemic rebuilding period, new rules have been introduced to traditional business models. The “new normal” requires a thorough evaluation of pandemic-driven IT and cybersecurity changes, some of which are already being adopted, but followed by strategic adjustments of business processes based on long-term operating strategies. Etisalat Digital is pleased to present this webinar series highlighting critical factors to help businesses on the road to recovery leading to a more agile and secure future for businesses. Join our industry experts and explore how businesses are adapting to the “new normal”.


Wed 19 Aug 2020

The Key to Business Continuity: Collaboration and Flexible Networking

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Wed 12 Aug 2020

How to empower your remote workers and accelerate your cloud adoption while maintaining security and compliance

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Wed 29 July 2020

How to Revamp Your Cyber Resilience as you Expand your Digital Footprint

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Wed 22 July 2020

Re-Imagine a “Beyond New Normal” Retail Customer Experience

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